Let's start with the Buying Process!

Here is what First and Next-time Buyers need to know about in their real estate search:

1) Hire a Real Estate Brokerage and Salesperson to explain and help you manage the Buying Process.

2) Qualify your real estate needs with the help of your Real Estate Salesperson.

3) Initiate Mortgage prequalification process and ask about financial obligations and available incentives and credits/rebates for Buyers.

4) Hire a Lawyer to handle the Closing...including the title and closing costs.

5) Have the Real Estate Salesperson show properties Listed on MLS that match your real estate needs.

6) Select the property that best fits your defined needs.

7) Have the Real Estate Salesperson prepare, present and negotiate " your signed Offer" even in a multiple offers situation...via an Agreement of Purchase and Sale document...that best meets your needs.

8) Have the Real Estate Salesperson help you manage the Closing process...with your Home Inspector, your Mortgage Broker and your Lawyer, as applicable.

9) Complete final follow-up activities as related to Buying your property/home.e.g.contacting the utilities,movers,post office, etc.

10) Check your now purchased property/home on move-in day based on the Agreement of Purchase and Sale...

and Enjoy Your Home!