Let's start with the Selling Process!

Here is what First and Next-time Sellers need to know about in Selling their property/home:

1) Hire a Real Estate Listing Brokerage and Listing Salesperson to explain & help you manage Listing your property "For Sale".

2) Qualify and quantify your property "For Sale" based on current local Real Estate market trends, via e..g. comparative MLS Listings.

3) Check with your Mortgage Broker re any outstanding financial / mortgage obligations.

4) Review rationale / reasons for Selling your property e.g. moving, upsizing, downsizing, etc.

5) Hire a Lawyer to handle the Closing...including the closing costs.

6) Prepare your property/ home "For Sale" with appropriate home staging e..g. home inspection, updating requirements to best List your home.

7) Complete MLS Listing with your Real Estate Brokerage and Salesperson and best understand the Listing and Open House requirements.

8) Review Presented Offers for best offer via the Agreement of Purchase and Sale documents with your Real Estate Salesperson.

9) Have the Real Estate Salesperson help you manage the Closing process via your Lawyer.

10) Complete the final follow-up activities as related to Selling your property/home...e.g. contacting the utilities, movers, post office, etc.

and Enjoy your Move!